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Penis Pump
Penis Pump
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Penis Pump - $59.00 USD


Passion Pump


The Passion Pump is a very versatile tool, it has 4 main attributes including impotence recovery, penis enlargement or simply for pleasure. The Passion Pump is a very easy to use device you simply place your penis into the cylinder and start pumping until erection is achieved. The device creates vacuum around your penis shaft, drawing in blood and causing even a soft penis to become rock hard.

With only a quick 1 minute of pumping on the Passion Pump its possible to increase your erection length and girth by 2 cm, this is achieved by enlarging the size of the cavities of the spongy tissue inside the penis. So not only is the Passion Pump a cure for impotence, it also doubles as a quick way to give you a huge erection.