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Foti Root
Foti Root
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Foti Root - $39.00 USD


Fo-ti” or “He shou wu” as its more commonly know is a native plant to China, Japan and Taiwan. Its name comes from an ancient legend where by a local older villager turned his hair from silver grey back its youthful black colour. He Shou Wu means, "black-haired Mr. He" which refers to this man. The fo-ti herbs contains many of the vital amino acids that the body needs to stay young and healthy, these ingredients are abundant in many of the foods that we eat on a daily basis but are removed or vastly diminished during the processing and cooking of the foods we eat today.

The usual dose is 1 capsule, once or twice per day, on an empty stomach.

Each bottle contains 60 pills

Each bottle contains 12 pills.
Each bottle contains 12 pills.

Each capsule contains a 500mg of Foti Root Extract.