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Delay - $59.95 USD


Premature ejaculation is one of the top sexual problems suffered by men all over the world but until recently was never talked about. The development of the herbal formula that makes up Delay is a breakthrough herbal solution that will support normal sexual function and ejaculation. The Delay product has been derived to give the many thoudands of sufferers of this problem the chance to lead a normal sex life. Each bottle contains 60 pills.

Dosage instructions to support normal male ejaculation
A full course is 3 bottles (180 pills)

Weeks 1 - 2: 1 capsule in morning, 2 in evening,
Weeks 3 - 8: 1 morning, 1 in evening,
Weeks 9 - 15: 1 in evening

In some cases a repeat course is required

Results will be noticed in just a few days

You don't have to suffer any longer!

Contains only the most potent herbal extracts Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha), Cnidium Monnieri, Tribulus Terrestris, Semen Cuscutae (Dodder seed), Dioscorea Villosa (Wild yam), Passiflora Incarnata, Curculigo Orchioides (Black musale),Cardamom, and zinc.